Information Security

Information on how to protect and encrypt files and sensitive data.

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Apple Device Software Update: Critical Update for Winter 2023

Instructions on updating your Mac operating system, including apps like Safari, iTunes, etc., for MacBook Pros, iMacs, and Mac minis, as well as iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Apple Watches.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication Using Okta

Okta is a data security platform that Union deploys to enable Multi-Factor Authentication. Following are the steps you must follow to set up the factors to use with Okta.

Enabling Antivirus

Union recommended free Antivirus solutions for your PC or Mac.

Encrypting a Powerpoint 2016 Presentation

How to Encrypt a PowerPoint 2016 Presentation.

Encrypting a Word 2016 Document

How to encrypt a Word 2016 document with a password.

Encrypting an Excel 2016 Document

How to encrypt an Excel document.

Encrypting an External Drive for Mac

Learn how to encrypt and set a password on your external drive for a Mac.

Encrypting an External USB Drive for Windows

Use Windows Bitlocker to encrypt your USB drive and require a password.

Encrypting an iOS Device

How to encrypt your iOS device - iPhone and iPad.

Encrypting Android Devices

Basic instructions on how to encrypt your Android device (Samsung, Galaxy, Google Nexus, etc.)

Password Protect Screen Saver for Mac

Here's how to protect your Mac computer by setting a password for your screensaver.

Password Protect Your Screen Saver for PC

Protect your PC by setting a password for the screen saver and sleep mode. (Windows 7)

Remove Browser Passwords - Mac

Remove passwords from your internet browser using these simple directions. (Mac)

Remove Browser Passwords - PC

Remove passwords from your internet browser using these simple directions. (PC)

Updating Windows 10

Basic instructions for updating Windows 10 operating system.