Recently Modified Articles

These instructions guide the user through the process of downloading and installing the Creative Cloud desktop app for Mac or Windows.
Union College has a finite amount of cloud storage space for Zoom recordings. Find out how to download and save your recordings, and then delete your recordings from the cloud storage.
Information on using Zarca, and online survey solution.
Apporto is a cloud-based virtual computer lab for students to access applications over the internet i.e. SPSS, Eviews.
MyApps is Union's Password Self-Service solution for accessing resources and changing or resetting passwords. This articles looks at how to manage your password.
Old versions of Microsoft Office files may need to be updated to allow the Accessibility Checker to run.
Headings, lists, alt text for images, document language and table use.
Tips and common errors when creating PDFs.
Adding bookmarks automatically for accessibility purposes.
MyApps is Union's Password Self-Service solution for accessing resources and changing or resetting passwords. This article looks at the MyApps Dashboard and how to customize it to make it "yours".
Want to do something in your course but can't find the tool to do it in Nexus? We've got a plethora of tools to help enhance your course. To learn more about any of these tools, please contact the Learning Technologies + Environments team for help deciding and setting up a tool in your course by submitting a request at .
These resources are available to assist in continuing Union College business operations if you are working remotely from home or elsewhere.
Information on getting started with using Qualtrics, our online survey platform.
Present a single question to students with multiple responses as possible answers. Choice activities are intended for gathering information only and are not gradable.
Create a repository of questions that you might want to use in your course.
Use Quizzes in Nexus to evaluate student understanding of your course material.
As circumstances arise that require you to teach online, you may find yourself needing to administer tests online. In the guidance that follows, the term "tests" includes quizzes, exams, and other assessments that can normally be delivered in the form of a document that students receive, complete, and return to the professor.
Learn to add or edit questions to a Nexus Quiz that has already been added to your course.
Learn how to adjusting quiz scoring, override quiz access settings for particular students or groups of students, and review and grade student attempts on quizzes.
The Cisco VPN client allows you to access Union College resources from a computer when you are not physically at Union College.
Learn how to handle missing and/or unassigned participants when you have created preassigned breakout rooms in Zoom.
Zoom has a Poll feature that you can use for interactive teaching or quizzes.
Tips on settings to secure Zoom Virtual meetings and prevent unauthorized access (i.e., "Zoomboming").
For PC/Windows users on the Union domain, this will allow you set up your computer to log into the VPN before logging into your computer.