Encrypting Android Devices

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Encrypt Your Android Device

(Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, etc.)





Google Nexus, Galaxy S7 and newer:

  • Head to Settings
  • Click Security
  • Select Screen Lock
  • Create a security code


Older Devices (Galaxy S6, Moto X Pure, etc.)

  • Ensure device is connected to power before you begin.
  • Head to Settings
  • Click Security
  • Select Encrypt

The method is slightly different on the Galaxy S6. Go to Settings, select Lock Screen and Security, followed by Other Security Settings, and click on Encrypt phone.

You also can encrypt your SD card to keep data safe and prevent the card from being used in another device (unless wiped first). Head to Settings, select Security, followed by Encrypt external SD card and click Enable. Unlike device encryption, which requires you wipe the phone to remove it, SD card encryption can easily be reversed in the Settings menu.


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