Remove Browser Passwords - Mac

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Follow these simple instructions to remove all password information from your internet browsers on your Mac.

See instructions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox below.





Remove all password information from the Google Chrome internet browser on your Mac.

See instructions for Safari and Firefox below.



Image: Chrome menu and settings


1. Open Chrome.

2. Click the [Menu] button in the top right corner.   

 and select [Settings].




Image: Chrome advanced settings selection




3. Click [Show advanced settings] at the bottom of the window.











Image: Chrome Passwords and forms settings




4. Scroll down and ensure that under [Passwords and Forms], [Enable Autofillto fill out web forms in a single click] and [Offer to save your web passwords] are both unchecked.






Image: Chrome Clear browser settings screen





5. Scroll up and select the [Clear browsing data] button in the Privacy section.





Image: Chrome clear passwords screen





6. In the popup window, select [The beginning of time] from the dropdown menu from the [Obliterate thefollowing items from:] line.  Make sure the only item checked is [Passwords] and then select the [Clear browsing data] button.







Your saved passwords are now cleared and Chrome will no longer save your passwords.





Image: Safari browser icon




Remove all password information from the Apple Safari Internet browser on your Mac.

See instructions for Chrome above, or Firefox below.



1. Open Safari.

2. Select [Safari] from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Image: Mac Safari menu bar



3. Select [Preferences…] from the drop down menu.

Image: Mac Safari prefences screen










4. Select the [Passwords] tab.

Image: Mac Safari Preferences Passwords tab







5. Click on the first item in the list of passwords. 

Image: Mac Safari acccounts screen









6. While holding down the [command key ⌘, press the “A” key] to select all of the saved passwords.  

Image: Mac Keyboard Command A keys







7. Select the [Remove] button in the bottom right corner.

Image: Mac Safari remove passwords button








8. In the popup window, click on the [Remove] button to confirm.

Image: Mac Safari remove passwords button





Due to a glitch in the Operating System, not all of the passwords are always deleted on the first try. If you still see entries on your list, repeat steps 5-8 until there are no more saved passwords.


9. Ensure the [AutoFill usernames and passwords] box is unchecked, and Exit.

Image: Mac Safari autofill usernames and password check box








All of your passwrods have been deleted and Safari will no longer prompt you to save your password. 





Image: Firefox logo


Remove all password information from the Firefox internet browser on your Mac.

See iinstructions for Chrome and Safari above.





1. Open Firefox.

2. Click the [Menu] icon in the top right corner.

Image: menu icons



3. Click the [Preferences] icon.

Image: Firefox preferences button







4. Click [Security] on the left sidebar.

Image: Firefox menu - Security







5. Make sure [Remember logins for sites] is unchecked.

Image: Firefox-remember logins checkbox







6. Click the [Saved Logins…] button.

Image: Firefox Saved Logins screen







7. In the popup window, click [Remove All] at the bottom of the window.

Image: Firefox Remove All button








8. Click [Yes] to confirm the deletion of your saved passwords.

Image: Firefox Yes confirmation button






Your saved passwords have now been deleted and Firefox will no longer prompt you to store them in the future. 




If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk via email, through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.




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