Enable Multi-Factor Authentication Using Okta

Multi-Factor Authentication is a technology that provides an added layer of security Screeenshot of MFA Enrollment
when you log in to your Union College account.




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Before you begin, take a moment to review the following points.

1. ITS recommends that you enable two factors, SMS Authentication and the Okta Verify app.

2. The Okta Verify app will provide the highest level of security, requires very little space on your device, and is the most convenient to use for MFA.

3. The factor you want to use as the default factor should be the last factor you enable.  

ITS recommends that you you use the Okta Verify app as the primary factor and SMS as a backup, or secondary, factor. 

You should enable SMS first, then the Okta Verify app.

4. The enrollment process should take no more than five to ten minutes.  Please take a few moments to review the important information below before you proceed.  

What is a Factor?
Enroll in MFA
Enable SMS Authentication
Enable Okta Verify app
Additional Factors (for unique use cases); contact the ITS Help Desk
Enable YubiKey
Enable Google Authenticator
Enable Voice Call Authentication
How Do I Modify My Factors?

What is a Factor?

A security credential that is used to verify a person's identity when he or she wants to access a secured system or network.  Correct factor verification grants appropriate access to the user.  In the past, IT organizations have relied on unique usernames (assigned IDs) and  passwords or phrases as the primary method of authenticating user identity.  As concerns for data security and integrity increase, organizations now use multiple authentication factors to control access to secure data systems and applications.

Enroll in MFA


Please make sure you have your computer and mobile phone with you before you start.

Start by logging in to the Union MyApps portal from any web browser on your computer.


Click on the [MFA Enrollment] icon.  Screenshot of MyApps











Use your Union ID and password to access the MFA Enrollment interface.  Screenshot of Sign-In pop up










You will be prompted to choose the available factors. 
You may choose the two or three factors you wish to enable.   Screenshot of Multifactor authentication pop up
Remember (!) to save the one you wish to use as the default for last!           






















Enable SMS Authentication

Click on the [Setup] button under SMS Authentication.  Screenshot of SMS Authentication



Type in the number of the phone, including area code,
you wish to receive access codes.  Screenshot SMS code pop up







A code will be sent to your phone via text message. 
Enter that code in the [Enter Code] box.  Screenshot SMS code pop upClick [Verify].











Enable Okta Verify app

Note:  If you wish to enable Okta Verify, we recommend that you download
and install the Okta Verify app to your device before you begin.


Click on the [Setup] button under Okta Verify.  Screenshot of Okta verify pop up





Choose the correct platform (iPhone or Android) for your device.  Click [Next]. Screenshot of Okta verify setup











Launch the Okta Verify app and scan the barcode with your device. 
You will receive a message on your Screenshot of Okta Verify setpdevice from Okta indicating that
you have authenticated your device.










Please contact User Services at 518-388-6400 for information and assistance with YubiKey.

Enable Google Authenticator app

Note:  If you wish to enable Google Authenticator, we recommend that you download and install the app to your device before you begin.


Click on the [Setup] button under Google Authenticator.  Screenshot of Google Authenticator





Choose the correct platform (iPhone or Android) for your device.  Click [Next]Screenshot of Google Authenticator setup











Launch the Google Authenticator app and scan the barcode.  Click [Next].  Screenshot of Okta











Enter the authentication code that was sent to your device.  Click [Verify].  Screenshot of Google Authenticator setup










Enable Voice Call Authentication

Click on the [Setup] button under Voice Call Authentication.  Voice Call Authentication




Enter the phone number you wish to receive the call.  Voice Call Enter Number










Enter the code that you receive to the phone number.  Click [Verify].  Confirm Voice Call Authentication Code















How Do I Modify My Factors?

Start by logging in to the Union Myapps portal from any web browser.  

Click on the drop-down menu adjacent to your name in the upper-right corner.  Settings drop-down menu










Click on the [Settings] button from the drop-down menu.  Click on Settings








Click on the green [Edit Profile] button that appears in the upper-right corner.  Edit Profile




You will be prompted to enter your Union password.  Union account password.







You will receive a prompt for your current default MFA factor.



Factor List

You will find the list of Okta factors on the bottom of the screen.










Click on the factor that you would like to [Remove] or [Set up]
Okta factorsFollow the instructions found in this article for the factor(s) you wish to set up.








Click Sign out to save settings.on [Sign out] when you have completed the changes.






If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.


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