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Headings, lists, alt text for images, document language and table use.
Explains how to backup the student submission associated with your Nexus course.
Explains how to backup your grades from a Nexus course.
Step-by-step instructions on how to archive a Nexus course to your local computer.
Instructions to restore your course from a backup.
Nexus Essentials is a one page "tip sheet" that provides information about using Nexus (logging in/out, supported file types, etc.)
Instructions for students on how to submit assignments in Nexus.
Information on how to use Siteimprove to identify problems with a website.
Quick start guide to Sway–an online platform for easy, beautiful, and engaging content displays. Sway intelligently formats content so the user can focus on creating the content, rather than organizing it.
Wordpress, known as Muse to the Union College community, is an online publishing platform for blogs, websites, learning portfolios, capstone projects, and more!
Quick start guide to Google Sites-an easy way to create a mini-website for course projects and presentations.