Encrypting a Word 2016 Document

Method 1

Image: Word File tab


1. Open your Word 2016 document.

Click the [File] tab on the menu bar. 



Image: Word Info pane


2. Select the [Info] tab, click on the [Protect Document], and then select [Encrypt with Password] from the drop down menu.








Image: Word encryption password dialogue box


3. In the Encrypt Document box type a password and click [OK]. In the Confirm Password dialog re-enter the password and click [OK].




Image: Word Info Pane: Save document

4. The yellow box indicates that your document is now protected, and everyone will need a password to access the document. Click [Save] to save your document.

If you need to decrypt it, just repeat the steps above. When you get to Step 3, click in the Encrypt Document box and press Backspace key to delete the password. Don't forget to [Save] to save your changes.




Method 2

Image: Word Save As



  1. With your Word 2016 document open, click on the File tab to open the Info Pane.

  Select [Save As] in the Info Pane.

  Navigate to the location where you want to save this document.



Image: Word Save As Tools




2. In the File Name box, type a file name. Click the [Tools] button at the bottom and select [General Options].







Image: Word General Options password


3. In the General Options dialogue window, type a password in the box next to Password to open and click [OK].

In the pop-up box, type the password again to confirm and then click [OK].

Everyone will now need a password to access the document. If you want to decrypt it, just repeat the steps above; when you get to where you enter your password, just click in the Password to Open box and delete the password.


4. When you get back in the Save As dialog, click [Save] button to save this document.



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