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Union College is a Google Workspace school, but faculty, students, and staff do have access to some Microsoft 365 programs. This infographic will help you understand what ITS recommends and supports.
General information on Google Workspace (formerly known as Google Apps for Education or GSuite)
Replace a traditional whiteboard with the Jamboard app that provides real-time co-authoring with the access and connectivity of an interactive canvas.
Quickly and securely create, analyze, and grade coursework using Google Docs through Nexus. Create and analyze assignments with individualized comment bank, rubrics, and originality reports.
Find out to apply create and apply labels and filters to your emails.
Quick start guide to Google Sites-an easy way to create a mini-website for course projects and presentations.
Set up your 2-step verification to provide an additional layer of security for your Union College Google Apps account including Gmail, Google Drive, and other Google Apps for Education services.
Create and share custom maps with Google My Maps.