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Documentation and help for Nexus courses.

In the event of an emergency situation caused by any number of factors, your ability to continue your class in the manner that you've planned may be impacted. These guides help you find alternatives for these unforeseen situations, including: General pre-disruption planning tips; Get started with your instructional continuity plan; Strategies for moving course online; and Resources.

The LTSC Team enable students to show their best not only to their peers but to the whole world. In particular, we empower faculty to engage students with media-rich assignments and projects. If you are interested in LTSC support, please contact us through the ITS Service Catalog: https://union.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1831/Por...

Some of the technologies we support are linked here:

Resources to help support faculty and student use of Multimedia in courses.

ITS supports a variety of browser-based, content management platforms to support the creation of faculty websites and student projects like Muse (Wordpress), Sway, and Google sites.

Best practices for creating accessible online content, as well as other Web resources.

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Pinned Article Frequently Asked Questions about Nexus

Common questions about Nexus, Union College's Learning Management System (LMS).

Pinned Article Tools to Extend Nexus

Want to do something in your course but can't find the tool to do it in Nexus? We've got a plethora of tools to help enhance your course. To learn more about any of these tools, please contact the Learning Technologies + Environments team for help deciding and setting up a tool in your course by submitting a request at https://helpdesk.union.edu .

Pinned Article Upcoming Learning Design and Digital Innovation Trainings (+ Recordings)

Find out about upcoming Learning Technology trainings as well as information about how to sign-up with a member of the Learning Design and Digital Innovation team

Book an Appointment with Learning Design and Digital Innovation Staff

Need Help? Book an appointment directly on a Learning Design and Digital Innovation team member's appointment calendar.

Google Jamboard

Replace a traditional whiteboard with the Jamboard app that provides real-time co-authoring with the access and connectivity of an interactive canvas.

Google My Maps

Create and share custom maps with Google My Maps.

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: What Does ITS Recommend?

Union College is a Google Workspace school, but faculty, students, and staff do have access to some Microsoft 365 programs. This infographic will help you understand what ITS recommends and supports.

Gradescope / Nexus Integration

The Gradescope Tool in Nexus can link directly to assignments in Nexus to return grades.

Gradescope: A Feedback and Assessment Tool

Gradescope is a feedback and assessment tool that dramatically reduces the pain and time associated with grading exams, homework, and other assignments. Gradescope is widely used for delivering assessments remotely.

iPad Loaner Program (Course Reserve)

Information about reserving iPads for your course.


An important learning goal for every student at Union College is the ability to develop a thesis statement and then reason with evidence. Students will typically work on developing this goal across most of their courses during all four years of their undergraduate education. Why? It is a hard skill to learn. Kialo provides a visual way to see how an argument is constructed and defended, giving you another teaching strategy in your "toolbox".


The MakerWeb Consortium is a group of MakerSpaces (fabrication and tinkering labs) on the Union College campus, all dedicated to supporting Maker Activities in all disciplines.


Use Panopto to create, host share, and stream videos.

Quick Start Guide to ZOOM

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows you to teach live classes online. You can set it up so that everyone sees a thumbnail video of every person in a grid—kind of like the Brady Bunch, if you remember that TV show. This one-pager provides some quick tips to start using Zoom to replace your face to face classes at Union.

Research Computing

Support for faculty and student research is provided through cloud-based High Performance Computing (HPC) resources.

Using AirMedia to Display your Mobile Device in the Classroom

How to use Crestron's AirMedia to display your mobile device - installed in ISEC/Ainlay 187.

Using Apple TV to Display Your Apple Mobile Device in the Classroom

How to use Apple TV - installed in Olin 115 and Wold 010.

Apporto Virtual Computer Lab

Apporto is a cloud-based virtual computer lab for students to access applications over the internet i.e. SPSS, Eviews.