iPad Loaner Program (Course Reserve)

Faculty members can reserve up to 16 iPads based on availability for students use in your class and/or for course projects. Please send the following information in an email to helpdesk@union.edu at least five business days prior to indicated check-out date:

  • Professor name
  • Course Title/ID, term taught
  • Dates students will check in/check out iPads via Schaffer Library Circulation Desk
  • List of students in class authorized to check in/check out iPads
  • Request for a specific iPad app or apps (see the "List of Available iPad Apps on Loaners" document, brief description of need/student usage
  • Request for Learning Technologies & Environments staff giving a demo in class and/or providing students with iPad technical support "office hours" outside of class, by appointment

A member of Learning Design & Digital Innovation staff will be in touch to confirm your request within 48 business hours, and work with you to obtain any additional information needed. 

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Learning Design & Digital Innovation team welcomes you to the iPad Course Reserve loaner program! Within this document we will go over basic functionality of the iPad so you can make the most out of your class time.

Illustrated iPad photoNavigation:

 To get to the home page, press the home button Photo of the iPad home button at the bottom of your screen. 

To open an application (or app) simply touching the icon. Each app will have it’s own way of organization so take some time to explore the different menus within the program before using it fully. Some apps will guide you through their navigation the first time you use it. Your instructor will take care of individual applications that are being used for class time. If at any time you see the app icons begin to wiggle on the home screen, simply press the home button and the applications will stop shaking, allowing you to use the iPad normally.


To access the Control Panel, swipe up from the bottom of the iPad’s screen and you’ll see a Control Panel similar to this:

Image of iPad Control Panel

This is an intuitive interface where you can adjust volume, screen brightness, load the camera and turn on a variety of useful features.


Image of Spotlight Search


If you can not find what you are looking for on the iPad, swipe down from the center of the iPad’s screen to bring up Spotlight.

Type into the search box and press [Enter].



You may notice that a collection of apps are placed into their own boxes called Folders. These folders are categorized by the apps within them and include: productivity, communicating, multimedia production, e-reading, blended Learning, geospatial apps, digital storytelling, quizzing, and reference. Click on the named folder to access the individual app.

If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.



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