Best practices for creating accessible online content, as well as other Web resources.

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Pinned Article Why Universal Design?

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a process by which instructors design their course content to be accessible to all students. Although many people think that making content more accessible only helps people with disabilities access it, in reality, it will improve learning for all students in your class.

Blackboard Ally: How-Tos and Video Micro lessons

Blackboard Ally documentation (PDF) and video instructional resources.

Overview of Accessible Documents

Headings, lists, alt text for images, document language and table use.

Creating Accessible PDFs

Tips and common errors when creating PDFs.

Bookmarks in Word

Adding bookmarks automatically for accessibility purposes.

Best Practices for Online Tests

As circumstances arise that require you to teach online, you may find yourself needing to administer tests online. In the guidance that follows, the term "tests" includes quizzes, exams, and other assessments that can normally be delivered in the form of a document that students receive, complete, and return to the professor.

Unable to Run the Microsoft Accessibility Checker

Old versions of Microsoft Office files may need to be updated to allow the Accessibility Checker to run.