Resources to help support faculty and student use of Multimedia in courses.

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Audio Visual & Classroom Support

Help articles about Classroom & Lab Computers, Instructor Podiums, AV Support & Equipment Loans, and Web Conferencing.

Panopto Video

Panopto is Union College’s hosted solution for managing and streaming multimedia content.

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Use Panopto to create, host share, and stream videos.


Audacity is a free and open-source digital audio editor and recording application software.

Best Practices for Creating Podcasts & Mini-Lecture Videos

Podcasts and mini-lecture videos offer students the opportunity to engage with educational content outside of traditional classroom settings. They provide flexibility, accessibility, and the space to review material at their own pace. These resources can complement traditional teaching/grading methods and contribute to a more dynamic and interactive learning experience for students and faculty.


iMovie is a simple, easy to use video editing program that allows you to edit video clips by dragging and dropping.