This too is designed to help you organize and visualize your thoughts in an intuitive way. This digital canvas serves as a virtual bulletin board where you can collect different types of content, just like you would with physical sticky notes, photos, and drawings. 

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What is Milanote and why should I use it?
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What is Milanote?

Whether you're planning an event, collecting research, or just trying to get your thoughts in order, Milanote offers a user-friendly and visually appealing interface to do so. Create a board and add various elements including notes, images, links, to-do lists, and PDFs. Milanote has over 100 professional templates, from moodboards to project plans and creative briefs to help you organize. It's an excellent tool for brainstorming and collaborative exercises.  

Why Use It?

For the Learner:

  • It can help organize thoughts and ideas for visual learners
  • The boards can be shared, which makes this a great tool to use when working on a group project.
  • These boards can be used for more than an organization tool, students can create a project on the board and export the finished product as a pdf

For the Instructor:

  • Provide a tool to support visual learners
  • Introduce a virtual collaborative tool for projects
  • Encourage different routes to complete a project


How to Access Milanote

Milanote is a paid service, optional for classes. Contact to get your class set up with Milanote accounts for the term

If students are interested in Milanote for personal use, they can sign up for a free account.



How to get Started with Milanote


Tool Panel

 Note: Drag this onto your project board to write a note


 Link: Drag this onto your project board to create a link box with a thumbnail and description pulled from the linked page


 To-do: Drag this onto your project board to create a checklist


 Line: Use the line tool to link ideas together, drag onto the board then adjust the pointer and length


 Board: Drag this onto your project board to create a new sub-board. Double click on the sub-board to enter


 Column: Drag this onto your project board to create a column. Drag pictures, files, notes, etc into the column to group them together for more organization


 Comment: Drag this onto your board to communicate with team-members, write a message and anyone connected to the board can click on the comment to reply


 Add image: Click on this to add an image from the Milanote library onto your board, just drag from the menu. To add your own pictures, just drag them from your computer


 Upload file: Click on this to enter your files and add a picture or file onto your board. Or you can just drag any picture or file onto your board and it will be uploaded















 Trash: Drag any item from your board into the trash to delete it. You may recover items from the trash by clicking it and dragging the items back onto the board, or you can delete the items forever by clicking on the trash then clicking Empty trash


The Basics

Watch the video tutorial below, and then click on the links below to be directed to the Milanote support pages:

Go HERE for the main Milanote Help page, or click on the links below for specific information.

Getting started
Organizing your work
Working in teams
Using Milanote on your phone


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