ITS supports a variety of browser-based, content management platforms to support the creation of faculty websites and student projects like Muse (Wordpress), Sway, and Google sites.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Express Web Page

Learn how to create single-page web pages, host them, and share them publicly using Adobe Creative Cloud Express. The platform makes it easy to create media-rich web pages. It is ideal for course projects, presentations, blog posts, and photo galleries.

New Google Sites

Quick start guide to Google Sites-an easy way to create a mini-website for course projects and presentations.


Wordpress, known as Muse to the Union College community, is an online publishing platform for blogs, websites, learning portfolios, capstone projects, and more!


Quick start guide to Sway–an online platform for easy, beautiful, and engaging content displays. Sway intelligently formats content so the user can focus on creating the content, rather than organizing it.


Prezi is a tool that allows you to visualize and construct your ideas using an interactive canvas with images, videos, pdfs, and more.