Answers to questions on using Student Self Service and Student Planning

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How do I choose a student advisee in Self-Service?

This article explains how to choose a student advisee to work with in Self-Service Advising.

How do I find a students' class dean in Self-Service

This video will help you find the class dean information for a student.

How Often Does Data in Self-Service Refresh?

Data in Self-Service is cached for efficiency.

How to Clear a Student for Registration

This document describes how to clear a student for registration.

Student Billing Self Service

Find out how to access your billing and payment information through Union's Self-Service portal.

What are the faculty options in Self-Service Advisor?

This article will show what you will see when first logging in to Self-Service.

What does Archiving the Plan do?

Archiving a student plan

Where are the WebAdvising Student Profile options in Self-Service?

This article will show you where to find the different pieces of data from the Student Profile page in WebAdvising in Self-Service.