Documentation on using Self Service and Student Planning

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Pinned Article Guide to Faculty interface on Student Self Service

Overview of Faculty functionality in Self-Service

Pinned Article Self-Service Advising and Waitlist Feedback

List of issues/feedback from faculty about Self Service along with their status in regards to resolution. These were collected in Fall 2021 through a Google Doc from the Registrar's Office and department meetings during Winter and Spring 2022.

Grading in Self-Service

This article will show the steps for submitting student grades in Self-Service

How do I choose a student advisee in Self-Service?

This article explains how to choose a student advisee to work with in Self-Service Advising.

How do I find a students' class dean in Self-Service

This video will help you find the class dean information for a student.

How Often Does Data in Self-Service Refresh?

Data in Self-Service is cached for efficiency.

How to Clear a Student for Registration

This document describes how to clear a student for registration.

How to Manage the Waitlist

Steps on how to approve students on the waitlist.

Student Billing Self Service

Find out how to access your billing and payment information through Union's Self-Service portal.

What are the faculty options in Self-Service Advisor?

This article will show what you will see when first logging in to Self-Service.

What does Archiving the Plan do?

Archiving a student plan

Where are the WebAdvising Student Profile options in Self-Service?

This article will show you where to find the different pieces of data from the Student Profile page in WebAdvising in Self-Service.