Panopto Has Acquired Ensemble Video
Ensemble Video is Union College’s hosted solution for managing and streaming multimedia content. Recently, Panopto completed an acquisition of Ensemble and has been working with Ensemble clients to set up a smooth migration path to Panopto. As a result, ITS recommends faculty use Panopto instead of Ensemble for all new lecture capture, video uploading, and video management needs. While Ensemble will remain available through Fall term, ITS will use that time to migrate content from Ensemble to the Panopto platform.

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Pinned Article Panopto

Use Panopto to create, host share, and stream videos.

Add a File to Ensemble Media Library

Instructions for how to add a video file to Ensemble video streaming platform.

Embedding a Video from Ensemble into Nexus

How to embed a video from your Ensemble Library into your Nexus site.

Ensemble Anthem User Guide

Ensemble Anthem User Guide

Getting Started with Ensemble

Ensemble Media Library is the platform we use to stream audio/video content. It's like YouTube–without the ads! Get started here to get an accunt and get started.

Installing and Launching Ensemble Anthem

Ensemble Anthem is a powerful Mac and Windows solution supporting your lecture capture, screen capture and flipped learning needs that easily integrates with your Ensemble Media Library (the platform which streams audio/video content like YouTube–without the ads). Ensemble Anthem enables you to easily record screen movements with audio, and/or record video from a webcam. This article describes how to login to Ensemble, and install and launch Ensemble Anthem.

Make a Playlist for Ensemble Media Library

Instructions for how to make a playlist of videos hosted on the Ensemble streaming platform that can get embedded into any webpage.

Adding Ensemble Media Library Videos to a Playlist

How to add videos to an Ensemble Video playlist.