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Pinned Article New Features in Nexus Update

This article highlights key new features in the Nexus update like directly recording sound and video, tiles format, assignment feedback, quiz improvements, and group messaging.

Pinned Article Nexus Essentials

Nexus Essentials is a one page "tip sheet" that provides information about using Nexus (logging in/out, supported file types, etc.)

Backing Up Nexus Courses

Step-by-step instructions on how to archive a Nexus course to your local computer.

Backing Up Nexus Grades

Explains how to backup your grades from a Nexus course.

Backing Up Student Submissions

Explains how to backup the student submission associated with your Nexus course.

Embedding a YouTube Video to Nexus Course Site

Instructions on how to embed YouTube videos in a Nexus course site.

Enhancing Nexus Functionality

Information on the "Block" feature and how it can improve the functionality of your site.

H5P Nexus Basics

H5P (HTML5 Package) makes it easy to create, share and reuse interactive content and applications online.

How to Use Turnitin with Nexus

Turnitin is integrated with Nexus and allows faculty to check student work for plagiarism, as well as give paperless feedback.

Importing Materials from a Previous Nexus Course

The process of transferring materials into a new course from an old course is explained in this documentation.

Improved User Experience with Tiles Format

Information about advantages and tutorials for Tiles Format in Nexus.

Nexus Assignments (Student Instructions)

Instructions for students on how to submit assignments in Nexus.

Nexus Wiki Essentials

Documentation for the enhanced use of the Nexus Wiki feature.

Restoring Nexus Course Backups

Instructions to restore your course from a backup.

Tracking Attendance using Nexus

Find out how to use Nexus to track attendance in your course.

Transfer Activities Between Courses with Sharing Cart Feature

Article about Sharing Cart Feature for sharing activities between courses.

Using Perusall with Nexus

You can add Perusall activities directly through your Nexus course website.