Sway is an online platform for easy, beautiful, and engaging content displays. Sway formats content intelligently so the user can focus on creating the content, rather than organizing it.

Flyer and help request: 

To submit your requesthttps://goo.gl/o3j7TC

Quick start and additional tutorials and examples

Go to sway.office.com

Log in using your full Union email and password

Click [Create New]
Click "Create New" on the Sway homepage

Give your Sway a title

You can also emphasize or accent the text
Highlight text with "Emphasize" or "Accent" in the text box

To add media, click the plus icon
Click plus button to see media options

From here, you can add text, media, or groups of media and text

To add an image, click the [Media] tab, then on [Image]
Click the media tab then image to add an image

You can add images directly from the internet by searching, or you can upload directly from your computer by clicking [My Device]

To create a collection of images and text, click the [Group] tab and choose a format

To add the first element to the stack, click in the [Add Content] area

To add further elements, click the plus icon

To change the overall design of your Sway, click the [Design] tab

To view your Sway, click on [Play] in the upper right corner

To share your Sway, click [Share] in the upper right corner.

Modify the privacy settings before copying the link

The default privacy setting requires viewers to log in! To allow easy access, change to [Anyone with a link]


Quick Start Video Walkthrough (2 minutes)

LinkedIn Learning Tutorials

Create new Sway

Modifying the Storyline

Adding heading cards and backgrounds

Adding images

Grouping pictures

Adding video

Sharing/Collaborating on a Sway

Additional tutorials and examples:


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