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Help guides for academic, professional staff and students for wired/wireless connections and cable TV.

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Instructions for connecting to the Union College wireless network.

***Important Note***
Access to Union Network resources requires that the device have a supported Operating System, Anti-virus protection and be patched up to date. Most free AV applications are sufficient. Some examples are:
AVG, McAfee, Norton, TotalAV, etc.


Instructions on how to use the Cisco VPN AnyConnect software.

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Basic Connection Instructions for Union (with capital "U") Wireless Network

Instructions for connecting to "Union" (with a capital U) WiFi network

Cable TV at Union

General information about Spectrum cable TV at Union College.

Frequently Asked Questions about Network + Wireless Services

Frequently asked questions about Union’s networks.

Spectrum Cable TV Channel Line-Up

Find the Spectrum Cable TV line-up here.