Network & Wireless

Connectivity for academic, professional staff and students through wired and wireless connections.

Services (5)

DNS add/change Request

Request for new DNS (Dynamic Name Service) records, changes or updates to exiting records or removal of DNS records.

ResNet (Residence Hall Network Access)

Union College has partnered with Apogee to provide high-speed internet access through the residential network with 24/7 customer support.

Static IP Address Request

An unchanging IP address may be requested and assigned upon approval for various needs. ie. Monitoring devices, Cameras, special projects.

VLAN Change Request

Union College ITS provides access to many network segments (vlans). These are segmented by location and purpose. A request can be made for a network jack to be reassigned to a different VLAN in order to gain correct access for the user and device.

Wireless Network Access

Union College offers WiFi connectivity in nearly every building on campus. We are also an EduRoam participant.