Resources for Working Remotely

These resources are available to assist in continuing Union College business operations if you are working remotely from home or elsewhere.

G Suite at Union College

G Suite is Union's supported suite of communication and collaboration applications.

Did you know you can sign into the Chrome browser on different computers so all of your favorites, cached credentials, and settings will follow you?  Follow these instructions to add your profile to Chrome on a different computer.

Additional Information:

Accessing College Resources

Do you need to access College resources like the finance system or network drives while not on campus?

Once you are able to connect via VPN, the best experience is to use Remote Desktop (Mac or Windows 10 instructions) to connect to your computer in your office.  You will need to either know the name of your office computer or its IP address.  Your computer in your office will need to remain on if you want to connect to it with Remote Desktop.  Please make sure you have setup a password protection for your screen saver (Mac or Windows instructions) on your computer in your office.

If Remote Desktop is not possible, you can have some limited functionality by being connected with VPN alone.  You can use a web browser to visit internal-only URLs that would normally be unreachable, or if this is on a Union-issued laptop you can get to network shares or launch locally-installed programs.

When you connect to Union’s VPN, your connection is limited to 10 hours, after which you must log in again, for security purposes.  

VPN is a shared resource so please disconnect from VPN when you do not need to access protected College resources.

Phone and Voicemail

There are several ways to answer or place calls using your campus extension and check your voicemail remotely.

Video Conferencing

Need to have a meeting with remote participants?  Zoom enables you to hold online meetings, telephone conference calls, virtual face-to-face discussions, and small group work.

With the recent rise of "Zoombombing", here are tips on Securing a Zoom Meeting.

Using Your Own Personal Devices

Make sure your computer has antivirus software installed.  Turn on encryption if you are using a personal mobile device (iPhone or Android instructions).  You will need to use VPN to access protected College resources like the finance system or network drives.

Accessing files on your Union College computer

Think ahead about files or information you work with that are stored on the desktop of your Union College computer.  Remember you may not be able to access those files so move them off your desktop to a network drive or Google Drive. 

Office 365 for home use

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