Microsoft Remote Desktop for Windows 10

To Enable Remote Desktop for Windows 10

You can enable Remote Desktop on your Windows 10 machine by going to the Windows search bar and Type: allow remote access to your computer and select this item.

On the Remote tab, make sure to select Allow remote connections to this computer. Keep the box checked for Network Level Authentication for better security.

Click on “Select Users” and enter your userid if not listed.

Click on the "Computer name” tab to find the full PC name which you will need to access your machine.

To Remote to Your Windows 10 Machine

You can launch the Remote Desktop application by going to the Windows search bar and Type: Remote desktop connection.

Launch the app and type the computer name or IP address of the Windows machine you are connecting to and select Connect.

Enter the username (union\userid) and password for the computer you are connecting to.

You can click on the Show Options arrow to modify the settings under the tabs.

If you get a security message, click Go ahead and Connect and check the box for it to not remind you again.

You can now start using the remote computer.

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