Zoom Webinar Assistance

Service Description:

ITS offers web and video conferencing services like Zoom and CISCO Telepresence that enable users at remote locations to meet and collaborate within virtual conference rooms, eliminating the need for long distance travel. 

Authorized Users:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students


In order to use the Request Help button, you must currently be affiliated with Union College. ITS provides a Web-based video conferencing tool to allow faculty and staff to conduct meetings online with individuals located off-campus.

*Please make sure that all requests are submitted within 72 business hours of weekday events and 1 business week for weeknight and weekend events to ensure staff and resource availability.


Click here to get started: https://union.zoom.us

First-time users of Zoom will need to install plug-in software that enables Zoom functionalities on your Internet browser. Please contact the Help Desk for assistance. More information is available in the form of questions and answers.


For more information, walk into the Learning Environments Office Suite in Steinmetz 110 or call 518-388-6438.

Web conferencing support:

Union College faculty, staff, and students can use the regular university Zoom license for meetings with up to 300 participants.

For larger events, Zoom Webinars support up to 500 attendees in a "listen-only" mode. During webinars, only the host and panelists can use their microphones and cameras or share their screens. Polling and Q&A features are available in addition to registration and post-webinar reporting.

Webinar Fee structure

  • Initial setup of the webinar - $60 fee
  • Minimum of 1 hour LE staff startup/shutdown time.  For Webinars that are over 1 hour, there is a $30 per hour charge
  • In-person (hybrid) webinars additional $30 equipment setup fee depending on setup.

Please contact Learning Environments for additional information

Meeting vs. Webinar Features

Webinars are different from regular Zoom meetings. In Zoom Webinars:

  • Hosts can assign video panelists

  • Hosts must specifically turn on audio/video for attendees

  • Attendees cannot share their screens unless they are promoted to 'panelist'

  • Breakout rooms are not available

  • Question & Answer (Q&A) tool is available

    Zoom info

Request a Webinar Event 

  • Zoom webinar licenses are limited to only two licenses that are maintained by ITS. 

  • Use the IT Service Portal to place your webinar event request at least 7 days before your scheduled event (weekends and holidays will be the next business day).

  • After the conclusion of the event, you will receive webinar reports and any recordings to the cloud within 24 hours.  For any video editing additional charges of $30 per hour.

  • Per event, webinars are available at a cost of $60 per webinar and are subject to availability.  This charge included the initial setup of the webinar and the first hour of hosting the webinar.  Additional technician time will be charged $30 per hour.

  • Webinars that have in-person and remote participants will have additional equipment and setup fees of $30 depending on setup.

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Built-In Locations for hosting in-person and virtual meetings

ConnectIT Lab - Schaffer Library - room 206

The “ConnectIT Lab” in the Digital Studio in the Library (room 206) offers technology that provides an immersive learning/meeting environment for participants, connecting two remote locations for synchronous instruction and real-time collaboration to enhance learning and other important college initiatives and events. Drop ceiling mics, 2 HD wide-angle cameras, a 70” LCD display, and 4 ceiling speakers provide the foundation and infrastructure needed for a virtual experience of high quality. There is a Mac mini permanently installed in the room that connects to the LCD. The seating capacity is 16. There is no room fee to use this room but you do need a reservation. Faculty/Staff may schedule/use the ConnectIT Lab during normal Schaffer Library business hours.

Karp 105 - Classroom

The Karp 105 classroom in Karp Hall has built-in ceiling-mounted speakers, ceiling-mounted microphones, a ceiling-mounted projector, two robotic cameras, and a built-in Mac and PC.  The seating capacity is 58. There is no room fee to use this room but you do need a reservation via 25Live Pro.

O'Brien Center - Grant Hall - VTC room 016

The Video Telephony Conference (VTC) room in O'Brien 016 has built-in ceiling-mounted speakers, ceiling-mounted microphones, wall-mounted 70" LCD, robotic camera, and built-in PC.  The seating capacity is 22. There is no room fee to use this room but you do need a reservation via 25Live Pro.

All requests must meet the following criteria:

  • Union College full-time employees

  • have an active Union College computer account

  • have an active Union ID card

  • complete (free) training from a LE technician on how to use the equipment prior to the event

  • be present throughout the scheduled event

To make a reservation, faculty/staff need to send an email to the Help Desk (helpdesk@union.edu) with the following information at least 72 business hours prior to the event:

  • Who is making the reservation (please include if you are faculty/staff/student. If you are a student, please include the faculty or staff member who is sponsoring your use of the room.)

  • Purpose (e.g., academic/course-related, non-academic, etc.)

  • Date and time

  • Room requested (in this case, indicate "The ConnectIT Lab)

  • If you have received prior training or not for the requested room

  • Any additional media/equipment/services you may need (e.g., need LE to create/set up a Zoom session for a meeting)

Students can utilize these spaces for individual projects, as long as they have a faculty or administrative staff member as a sponsor. The sponsoring faculty or administrative staff member needs to send an email to helpdesk@union.edu at least 72 business hours prior indicating: 

  • his/her support of the student's project/taking responsibility for student’s use of the room

  • the academic nature of the project (e.g., the course title, senior project, event name/date, etc.)

  • if the sponsoring faculty or administrative staff member will be present while the student utilizes the Digital Studio space (and if so, if s/he has received training before). If not, a LE technician is required to be there for the entire event to operate the equipment for the student. The reservation will incur an hourly LE technician fee (see above-one hour minimum charge).

  •  desired Digital Studio space (in this case, the ConnectIT lab)

  • desired date(s) and time(s) All of this information can be located within the Digital Studio FAQ on the ITS website (link above).

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