How to Use Google Assignments with Nexus

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Google Assignments is a tool that simplifies the process of assigning, receiving, and grading online assignments. The tool includes an "originality report" feature that is similar to Turnitin in that it scans the submitted assignment and checks it with anything on Google to find potential plagiarism.




Adding Google Assignments

We recommend using Firefox to setup Google Assignments in Nexus. Google Chrome may display error messages preventing you from setting up a Google Assignment within Nexus.

1. In your Nexus course website make sure you [Turn editing on] (under gear icon in upper right corner). In the chosen section of your Nexus course website, click [Add an activity or resource] button at the bottom of the section.


2. In the new window select [External tool] from the list and click [Add].


3. Fill in the activity name and under Preconfigured tool select [Google Assignments LTI].


4. Once Google Assignments LTI is selected, the gray Select Content button will become enabled. Click on it.

Select Content Button Screenshot

5. You will be taken to a pop up window where you will be asked to either sign in or verify your account to Nexus. Click [Continue].

Verify Your Email Screenshot

6. The next window provides options for setting up your Google Assignment. When you finish selecting your desired settings, select [Create].

  • Change the point value of an assignment. By default, assignments are set at 100 points.
  • Add a Due date (and time).
  • Add files as attachments to your assignment, such as files from your computer or Google Drive files. Each student will get a copy of any attachments you add. Note! Once you create the Google Assignment, you can't add attachments.
  • Create a new Rubric or add one you previously setup.
  • Enable Originality Reports (what is this?).

Assignments Screenshot

7. You will be brought back into your Nexus course and provided with a message that you "succesfully fetched tool configuration". Give the Google Assignment an Activity name and adjust any other Nexus setting you desire and click [Save and Return to Course] or [Save and Display].

Successfully Created Google Assignment Screenshot

8. Repeat steps 1-7 for each Google Assignment you want to add to your course.

Here is a Getting Started Guide which will help in learning how to create courses and assignments, as well as rubrics and grading.

If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.

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