Updating ZOOM

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Here's how to update ZOOM's downloaded application.


Image: Sign in with SSO screenshot


When you open your downloaded Zoom app, click on the

[Sign In with SSO] link. 



Image: Sign in with SSO screen shot


In the next window, make sure that the text box says union and not union.edu.

(You will not be able to change the .zoom.us in the box.)


Click on the [Continue] button in the lower right corner.



Image: Union College SSO screenshot




You will be taken to the College's Single Sign On page where you'll need to enter your college username (not your full email address) and password. Click on the [Sign In] button.




Image: Upload available screen


When the ZOOM application opens, there will be a notification at the top of the window - click on the [UPDATE] link to get started. 




Image: Update available screen



In the Update Available window that pops up, click on the blue [Update] button. Image: Update button



In the next window that pops up, click on the light blue [Install] button that will appear in the lower right corner.  Image: light blue Install button


Click here for a Knowledge Base article with more information about using Zoom.


If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.




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