Nexus Integration with Apporto

Apporto is a cloud based virtual computer lab available to all Union College faculty, staff, and students. Apporto supports an Integration to Nexus that will allow students to sign in directly into Apporto from Nexus, and automatically assigns any class resources to them. If you're using Apporto for your class, this integration is the best way to have your students sign in. If you are new to Apporto, watch this 10 minute faculty tutorial on Getting Started with Apporto:

Steps to Integrate Apporto Within Your Nexus Course

  1. Go to the home page of your Nexus course site and make sure [Edit mode] is toggled on.

  2. Click the [Add an activity or resource] menu in the Nexus section where you want the Apporto link(s) to reside. 

  3. Select [External Tool].

  4. From the [Preconfigured tool] drop down list, select either [Apporto EES] or  [Apporto GPU]. Specify an activity name (e.g., Apporto EES Login).

    • Select Apporto EES for a windows environment for applications like: Microsoft Office, Mathematica, Stata, SigmaPlot, SigmaStat, SPSS

    • Select Apporto GPU for a windows environment  for processor intense applications like: Solidworks, ArcGIS, Adobe Suite, MATLAB

    • Similar to the number of available computers in the physical computer labs on campus, there are a limited number of sessions available on this platform.

  5. Under Privacy, deselect [Accept Grades from the tool].

  6. When complete, click [Save and return to course].

  7. Click on the Apporto EES and/or Apporto GPU links you just created. This one time action will provision a space in Apporto for your course for you and the students enrolled in your Nexus course. 

Apporto Help Center

Apporto has a robust online help center faculty and students can access 24/7 for support documentation and video tutorials. 

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