Using Pre-assigned Breakout Rooms in Zoom

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ZOOM allows you to pre-assign breakrooms prior to your meeting.




Follow the instructions provided here to set up your Zoom Breakout Rooms:


The following instructions walk you through what to do if you have missing participants/students, and/or unassigned participants/students in your breakout rooms.



Missing Participants/Students



If you see that your assignments are missing participants in the Breakout rooms and [Open All Rooms] is not clickable:





Image: Zoom choosing Recreate and then Recover to pre-assigned rooms


Click on [Recreate]

and choose [Recover to pre-assigned rooms].



Image: Zoom choosing Yes at a prompt



Then click [Yes] at the promp:



This will re-assign participants according to your breakout room setup.




Unassigned Participants/Students


Participants/Students must be signed into Zoom for them to be pre-assigned.

Unassigned participants can happen if a participant was omitted during the pre-assignment breakout room setup or if a participant leaves (i.e. internet down) and then comes back into the meeting.

Image: Zoom unassigned student alert for pre-assigned rooms

If there are asassigned students Zoom will alert you.


Click on [More]


Image: Zoom - choosing Breakout Room - Unassigned

and then choose [Breakout Room - Unassigned].





Image: Zoom - assigned unassigned students to a breakout room


Click [Join] next to the Breakout room and enter the unassigned participant's name. 

Do this until there are no unassigned participants.









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