How To Recover a File/Folder from Union Network Drives


In addition to the Google suite, most Union faculty and staff are given network file directories to store their documents and files on either the Zeus or UFiles servers.  Every user is given a home directory, and most departments have access to a "Common" folder for their department.

If a folder or file has gone missing or you want to restore from a previous date - it is very simple!

Steps (Windows)

1.  In Windows Explorer (Windows + E keys, for a shortcut) navigate to the directory where the folder or file used to exist or you want to recover a previous version from.

2.  Right-click in any white space within the folder and select Properties.

3.  Select the Previous Versions tab, and you will see a list of folder versions dating back to over 30 days in the past.


4.  Simply double-click (or click Open) on any of the entries in the list and it will open a new Windows Explorer window showing you the contents of the folder as of that date that you selected.

5.  If you see your folder or file there, simply drag and drop it out of that new window to another location (either back to the folder it was supposed to be in, or elsewhere).  If you don't see your file or folder; close that new window and select a different date from the Folder Versions list.  


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