Virus/Malware Removal

Service Description

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides assistance with resolving issues caused by virus and malware on Union College-owned PC and Mac computers.   The virus/malware symptoms listed below are common signs of a computer infected with a virus, malware, or spyware.  We will do best to remove viruses and malware, however in more extreme cases we will need to re image your computer.

  • PC Performance Problems

Slow performance or frequent computer crashes? Even a small amount of malware on a system can slow down computing and crash your system because it operates in the background, sapping hard drive and memory resources

  • Unexplained Computer Behavior

Spyware can cause some unexplained computer behavior, especially for your browser. Some common changes in behavior include: mysterious new toolbars you can’t delete, unexplained changes to homepage settings, and suspicious search results.

  • Interruptions from Pop-ups and Spam

While many pop-ups and emails from reputable companies are safe, the adware programs that generate illegitimate pop-ups are capable of installing spyware to hijack your browser.

Authorized Users

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student Workers


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