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Panopto is a cloud based platform for recording and sharing video content. Faculty can log in through Nexus and use it to record lectures or to create instructional videos for their courses.  Students can create recordings as part of class assignments. Faculty can create recordings, upload them to their Panopto “My Folder”, and share them outside of Nexus. With Panopto, faculty can not only capture lectures and post for their students to watch and review after class, but they can create material to help them study. Staff can use Panopto for much of their basic video creation and management needs. Videos can be embedded on College supported platforms (e.g.,, Muse) or shared directly with people.

Install Panopto on your Union College owned computer or use it at any classroom podium. Panopto is meant to be used for educational and College purposes only. Copyright and Fair Use policies must be followed by Faculty, staff, and students, as well as the Acceptable Use of Technology Resources policy, and the Academic Honor Code.

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How Do Faculty Get Started?

Log in to Panopto Through Nexus

Faculty and students will access Panopto within Nexus. Follow these step-by-step directions:

  1. Login to MyApps with your Union College username and password.
  2. Click on the [NEXUS] tile.
  3. After signing in to Nexus, click on the course you want to use Panopto video.
  4. Add the Panopto block, if you have not already done so (this is a one time step you need to do within each Nexus course site you want to use Panopto). 
  5. Once the block is added, click on the link to [Provision course]. You will receive a message that the course folder was successfully provisioned. Click on [Back to course].
     screenshot of provision course prompt
  6. Then, go back and click on the [Course Settings] link. 
    Panopto Block
    This is an important step the first time you access Panopto, as it triggers your account creation. You will be brought out of Nexus and over to Panopto in a new browser tab/window. Verify your settings and then click on the [X] in the upper right corner to save.
  7. In the upper right hand corner in the Panopto platform, you should see a link to [Download Panopto]. See links below on how to record with Panopto for Windows and for Mac.
  8. Note! As a bonus, once you go through the above steps and create your Panopto account, any Zoom cloud recording you make will automatically get copied and placed in your "My Folder" within Panopto. If you'd like to opt out of this feature, you can do so in your Panopto "User Settings". Learn more about how to use the Zoom integration with Panopto.


How to Record

How to Edit

How to Share Media Within Nexus

How to Give Students Ability to Create Videos/Audio Through Nexus

How to Find and View Videos 

Learn Which File Types Panopto Supports

Attend Weekly Panopto Office Hours

Come with specific questions for a Panopto expert to answer!


How Do Staff Get Started?

Log in to Panopto Through MyApps

  1. Login to MyApps with your Union College username and password.
  2. Click on the [Panopto] tile.
  3. The first time you login, you are given the role of “viewer”. In order to change your role to “creator”, you must send a one-time service request. In the “Description” of the request, simply state you would like your Panopto account elevated to a creator role and would like training.




Attend an Upcoming Panopto Webinar

You may prefer registering for Panopto’s ongoing live webinars by following the link for each session. 

  • There are no live training sessions scheduled at this time.  Keep checking back to this space for new notices of training sessions.

Come with specific questions for a Panopto expert to answer.


Online Panopto Support Documentation

Union licenses Panopto Enterprise.


Other Support Resources

  • Visit Panopto’s support page for up-to-date how-to docs, videos, and training resources. (Union licenses Panopto Enterprise)
  • Can’t find the answer to your question through Panopto support or this online knowledge base article? Submit a service request with Learning Design and Digital Innovation.




If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.


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