Frequently Asked Questions about the Digital Studio

What is the Digital Studio?

The Digital Studio is located on the second floor of the Schaffer Library and consists of four unique spaces designed to support faculty exploration of existing and emerging technologies: a Faculty Computing Resource Center (FCRC), a ConnectIT Lab, a Production Studio, and Isolation Booth/Whisper Room.

Who supports these spaces?

These spaces are supported by Learning Technologies & Environments (LTE) staff by appointment. Please contact LTE through the ITS Service Catalog or call xt. 6438 for assistance or to schedule one of these rooms.

How can I get help?

Each Learning Technologies & Environments staff member who works to support the Digital Studio has a specific skill set. Some are video experts, some work with graphics, while others focus on audio. If you think you will need specific help please let us know ahead of time by calling xt. 6438 and we can set up a consultation by appointment.

Do I have to reserve these rooms? If so, how?

All rooms (except the FCRC) require a reservation and initial training before use. Please contact LTE through the ITS Service Catalog or call xt. 6438 with the following information:

  • Who is making the reservation 
  • (please include if you are faculty/staff/student. If you are a student, please include the faculty or staff member who is sponsoring your use of the room.)
  • Purpose 
  • (e.g., academic/course related, non-academic, etc.)
  • Date and time
  • Room requested
  • If you have received prior training or not for requested room
  • Any additional media/equipment/services you may need

I would like my entire class to utilize the rooms/resources within the Digital Studio. Is that something I can do?

Please contact Learning Technologies & Environments to discuss your ideas and needs for your class at least one week before you’d like to begin using the space(s). The spaces within the Digital Studio are not large and also require the trained faculty member (and/or a member of the Learning Technologies & Environments staff) be present during student usage. We ask that you do not bring an entire class to the Digital Studio without contacting Learning Technologies & Environments well in advance to discuss your options.

Do you have (X) software/equipment or can you get it?

If you know of a software package and/or equipment that will be well used in our Digital Studio space(s), then please let us know. We are happy to provide a wide variety of current software packages and equipment to help support faculty exploration of emerging technologies.

Can I leave my files in the Digital Studio?

You should backup your files before leaving the Digital Studio. These are public machines and files can be erased. While the machines aren’t reimaged on a daily basis, we do reserve the right to reformat machines if needed, erasing all the files stored on them.

Is there a cost to use these spaces?

Depending upon your usage, there may be a service charge to setup equipment, monitor student usage, facilitate a web conference, record a session, etc. Please contact Learning Technologies & Environments to discuss your options at xt. 6438.

Will you come record and/or edit something for me?

Please contact Learning Technologies & Environments to discuss your options at xt. 6438.

If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.


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