Enhancing Nexus Functionality

Adding Blocks

  1. Click on the [Turn editing on] under the [Settings] icon

       Screenshot of "Turn Editing On"

  1. Click on [Add a block] in the bottom left of your course dashboard.

       Screenshot of "Add a block"

  1. After you have chosen which block you wish to work with, you can select it to make it appear in the right column of your Nexus page.

HTML Block

The HTML block is very useful for embedding interactive features into the sidebar of the page. Pictures, audio clips, videos, and almost any additional files can be embedded in the sidebar using the HTML block. Files are added in the same way here, as on other pages.

Activities Block

The activities block is quite useful in orienting your page. It will list all of the different activities you have added in the course. For instance, if students need to easily access several wikis they can click on the Wikis label in the block and it will present them with all the current wikis featured in the course. No need to scroll and search!

Section Links

The Section Links block is also useful in terms of navigation. It displays all the different sections of the course so that students and faculty don’t need to scroll to find different sections.

RSS Feed

The RSS Feed block allows users to constantly have news and information streaming from all over the Internet.

  1. After selecting the RSS block, click the settings drop down menu in Remote News Feed and click on [Configure Remote News Feed Block].

        Screenshot of "Remote News"

  1. Click on [Add/edit feeds].

       Screenshot of "Configuring a Remote news feed block"

  1. Click [Add a new feed]. Enter the URL of the feed you wish to display and press Add a new feed.

       Screenshot of "Add a new feed"

  1. Go back to the course page and scroll down to the Remote News Feed once again, clicking the [edit] button. You should now see the feed you just added, which you can select and then add a title to.
  2. Click save changes and return to the course page. The block should now display the title you chose with the feed that you subscribed to underneath.

If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.


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