HuddleCamHD 3X Use

HuddleCamHD 3X



Using the HuddleCamHD with Zoom:

To use the HuddleCamHD with Zoom, simply select "HuddleCamHD" in the list when choosing your camera. (Pictured Below)


Using the HuddleCamHD Remote:

Using the remote is also very simple. The power button for the camera can be found on the top right of the remote in red. The camera itself will have a blue light on the front of it indicating that the power is on.

For zooming in and out there are to option for utilizing the zoom function of the camera, Zoom Fast and Zoom Slow. These can be found in the center of the remote.


You can pan and tilt the camera by using the arrow keys on the remote. The camera can tilt up and down 90º and can rotate 359º.



Presets will allow you to set a positioning for a camera's panning, tilting and, zoom. By setting that preset it will allow you to recall the camera to that position after the camera has been moved around from that spot. To set presets for the remote use the buttons in the preset area of the remote. To preset, press the number you would like to use as the preset (ex: 1 or 2) and then press "Set". To use the preset, press the number you set (ex: 1 or 2) and then press "Call".






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