MyApps Application Portal: Request Additional App

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Okta allows users to find and add pre-vetted applications to their Dashboard, which is required before you can use SSO for the application.  In some cases, these apps can be added without any approvals and are free to use and deemed appropriate.  In other cases where licensing or permissions are required, you can Request access to the app which will send an email to an Approver for approval.  This helps application owners manage licensing appropriately and makes sure only those people who need the application are getting it.

It should be noted that these apps are typically limited to work-only apps or related to business functions as opposed to entertainment or personal. 

How to Add an App

1.  When logged into, click the [Add Apps] on the left navigation pane.  Search for the application you are looking for or leave it blank to see all available applications.

2.  Any application with a Request button will have an approver that gets alerted to your request.  Any application with an Add button does not need any approvals.


3.  If you need to Request an app, a small window will appear confirming your choice and allow you to enter a message to the Approver.

4.The approver(s) will get an email of your request and can easily access it.  You will receive a confirmation email when the Approver has either approved or denied your request.



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