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Issues with dialing into College extensions from local Verizon Wireless phones

Updated 9/13/18 10:30 am:  This issue has been resolved and Verizon Wireless phones will not receive a fast busy signal when trying to reach on campus extensions (518-388-xxxx).

Updated 9/13/18: Further testing seems to be pointing to this issue as being a Verizon Wireless issue. Not every Verizon Wireless number is experiencing the fast busy signal and it also doesn't seem to be associated with just local 518 area code phones.

We have identified an issue with people who have Verizon Wireless phones with the local 518 area code that are getting fast busy signals when trying to call on campus extensions (518-388-xxxx).  We are currently troubleshooting with both Verizon Wireless and Windstream, our voice carrier partner.


Password Required for "union" Wireless Network - Effective August 2, 2018

In order to provide better security on our public wireless network, Union College will be requiring a password to join the "union" WiFi.  This new step will be effective starting on August 2nd at 9:00 am. 

The password to join the "union" WiFi is UNION1795.  This password is case sensitive.  This password is not a secret and all members of the campus community and guests are allowed to use this network. 

Registration is still required and that process remains the same as before once you connect to the "union" WiFi.  

Instructions for Windows and Mac OS are available in our Knowledge Base.


FCC Consumer Alert: 'Neighbor Spoofing'

The FCC is warning consumers about "neighbor spoofing" scams where thieves manipulate caller ID information in ways that make calls appear to have been placed locally.  While a call might originate overseas, the caller ID information on the recipient's phone would appear as though thge call is coming from the consumer's own area code and local exchange.  In general, scammers use such spoofing to increase the likelihood that consumers pick up the phone and to increase the consumer's trust in the call.