Audio and Video Recording Equipment and Support

Union College offers and recommends several options to produce digital recordings (audio/voice and video).

While your smartphone probably has a voice recording feature, you can produce higher-quality audio by using an external microphone. This improved quality is important if you publish an edited audio file, and Union has several microphones or voice recorders that may be checked out and used.

In addition to audio recording equipment, faculty, staff, and students also have access to video kits that include both camera and tripod. Finally, students may borrow Apple iPads from our iPad loaner program.

If you need help producing, editing or converting multimedia, Union College has staff, equipment, technology and software available for you to use. The Learning Environments (LE) offer a wide range of multimedia services and assistance.  Whether it’s creating, editing or streaming audio and video, getting connected or creating digital media, these technologies are available to you. If you need help filming in our production studio or on-location, webcasting, setting up teleconferences or need an event recorded, LE is here to help.  

Faculty, Staff, and Students (with a faculty sponsor) can borrow the following equipment from LE. 

To request any of the following items, please email the LE department direct at indicating what items you need, when you will need them and duration.


Revolabs xTAG Microphone (4)


Olympus Voice Recorder (0)


CAD USB Studio Condenser Microphone (1)


Samson Meteor Microphone (0)


Zoom Voice Recorder

Zoom Voice Recorder (1)


The following equipment can be borrowed from the Schaffer Library

To request any of the following items, please visit the Schaffer Library Circulation Desk, or call extension 6280 to discuss your needs.

Olympus Voice Recorder (3)


Zoom Voice Recorder

Zoom Voice Recorder (9)


Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser Headphones (3)


Canon Camcorder (3)


   video kits

Video Kits (includes camera, microphone and tripod) (4)


For more information about what services LE can provide, how to access them and for consultations, visit their website or stop by their offices.

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