Installing and Using the Cisco Jabber app on an iPhone

The Cisco Jabber App allows you to receive and make calls, to and from your Union College office extension, using your mobile device.  After business hours, you should sign out, close the background process for the Jabber app, and sign-in again when you want to answer your campus extension on your mobile phone through the Jabber app. To sign out, tap the initials icon in the upper left-hand corner, and then tap Sign out.

Instructions on ending/closing the Cisco Jabber App background process can be found here. (PDF download)

You must contact Telecommunications first to use this app.  Email with your college extension and mobile device (Android or iPhone) to open a ticket.

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Installing the App:


Open the App Store on your iPhone and search for “Cisco jabber”.

Tap the Get button to download.

After download is complete, tap the Open button to start the Cisco Jabber Voice app.

Apple Store Cisco Jabber


When the app opens, tap Allow to allow Jabber to send you notifications.

You may also see a prompt to allow access to your Contacts and Siri.  You can choose to “Don’t Allow” these options.
Allow Jabber notifications


Tap Accept to continue.
Tap accept to continue


On the next screen, you will have to swipe to the left 2 times before you can tap the Get Started Now button on the bottom of the screen.

If prompted to allow access to your Microphone, you must Allow this for Jabber to work.
Swipe left to continue


Enter your full Union College email address and tap Continue.
Enter your Union email


Enter your Union College password.  Tap Sign In to continue.

Jabber has successfully been setup on your iPhone, you may be prompted to allow Jabber to use FaceID or TouchID, you can decline this option.  You may also have an “Update Credentials” prompt, tap Cancel to continue.

Enter your Union password

Placing a Call:


To place a call tap the Handset (Calls) icon on the bottom of the screen.
Phone Calls icon


On the top of your screen, tap keypad to dial a number.

Dialing Instructions:

  • Campus – 4-digit ext.
  • Local call – Dial 3 + 10-digit number
  • Long distance – Dial 31 + 10-digit number
  • International – Dial 3011 + country code + city code + number
Dial the number and tap the green handset icon below the keypad to connect your call.
Jabber keypad

Call Forwarding:


To access the menu for call-forwarding options, tap the circle icon with your initials in the upper left-hand corner.

Example: T
Initials Icon


Tap Settings.
Jabber Settings


Under the Settings menu, tap Call Forwarding to access options.
Tap Call Forwarding


If you would like to forward all calls to Voicemail, tap Voice Message, otherwise to forward to a different number, tap New Number.
Call Forwarding options


Enter the number you would like to forward all calls to.  For off-campus numbers, you must dial 3 first, and 3+1 for long distance numbers.

If you would like to forward to voicemail, enter 6688.

Tap Done to save changes.
Enter number to forward to


Call forwarding is set.

To remove call forwarding, tap Do Not Forward Calls.
Remove call forward

Transferring a Call:


From a live connected call, on the bottom of your screen, tap the 3-dot icon.
Transfer icon


Tap Transfer from the pop-up menu.
Tap Transfer


Tap the search field and input the number you would like to transfer the caller to.

You only need the 4-digit extension for on-campus numbers.  To transfer off-campus, you must dial the 3 first, or 3+1 for long distance.

Tap the green handset icon to dial the number.
Enter number to transfer to


The original caller will be put on hold, as the number you would like to transfer to is called. 
Transfer on Hold


You can wait until connected, to announce the transfer of the caller.

Tap on the middle of the screen, to bring up the bottom menu, and tap the Transfer icon to complete.

The caller has now been transferred.
Transfer completed


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