How to Call Forward Your Phone from Off-Campus

1. To access from off-campus, you must first connect to Union VPN.

Instructions for connecting to VPN can be found here.


2.  After connecting to VPN if off-campus, open a web browser (Use Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome) and navigate to

Your username is your complete Union email address and your Union College password.

Do not use the Safari Web browser.

Self Care Login screen

3.  Once logged in, on left menu, click Call Forwarding.

If you do not see any extensions listed, contact Telecom at extension 6411 or email

Click the Call Forwarding link

4.  Click appropriate extension you would like to forward.

Ex. 2906

Click the checkbox next to Forward all calls to:

Then click the dropdown box to the right and select Voicemail or Add a new number(if forwarding to any other number but Voicemail)

Keep in mind if this is an outside line you will need a 3 first, and a 1 if long distance.

Click Save to update call-forwarding settings.

To take off call forwarding on a line, deselect the check box for Forward all calls to: and click Save.
Choose number you want to call forward to

5.  After completing any changes, remember to disconnect from the VPN.

In windows, on the status bar in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, left-click the small triangle, and then right-click the Cisco AnyConnect Icon.  Click the VPN Disconnect to complete.

Disconnect from VPN
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