Adding Contacts to Your Personal Directory and Accessing via Your Phone

The easiest way to add numbers to your Personal directory is through the Self Care Portal.  If you are trying to manage your Personal directory online from off-campus, you must connect to the Union VPN first.



Open URL in web browser:

Your username is your full Union email address, with the

Your password is your Union password.

Self Care Login page


Once logged in, click on “Phone Settings” on the left menu on the page.
Click Phone Settings


Click “Phone Contacts” and then the “Create New Contact” button to add a new contact.
Create New Contact


When adding a new contact, remember for outside calls you must add a 3 at the beginning of the number.

Long distance calls must start with 31 followed by the 10-digit number.

The Display Name field is what is displayed as the label from within the personal directory on your phone.

Click Save to add contact.
Add new phone contact information


Before accessing your Personal directory on your phone, you will need to choose your personal PIN.

Click General Settings on the top menu.

Under Phone Services PIN, create a PIN to access from your phone.

PIN must be at least 4 digits and cannot include letters.

Click Save.

Enter your desired phone PIN

Search for an Entry on your Cisco Phone

  1. Press the Contacts button Contacts button.
  2. Select Personal Directory. (Use the Navigation pad and Select button to scroll and select.)
  3. Sign in to Personal Directory using your UserID(Union email address) and PIN.
  4. Select Personal Address Book.
  5. Select one, all, or none of these criteria to search for an entry:
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Nickname

Tip: To view all entries, leave fields blank and press the Submit softkey.

  1. Select the personal address book entry that you want to dial.
  2. Press the Dial softkey
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