Using your Phone Intercom

  1. To begin an intercom call, press the Intercom button on your phone.

  2. Dial the destination intercom # (usually a single digit).

  3. You are now live with your destination and able to speak.

  4. The destination phone will auto answer the intercom call with mute on and will play over the speakerphone. There will also be a notify tone when a user is contacting you via intercom.

  5. The destination user must press the amber lit intercom button to initiate a 2‐way intercom call.

  6. The destination user may end the intercom call by pressing the speakerphone button.

  7. The initiator may end the intercom call by hanging up the handset, or pressing the speakerphone button.

Note: If the destination phone is in use, the intercom broadcast will be heard through the handset or headset.

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