Setting Up and Using Speed Dials

If you are trying to manage your Speed Dials online from off-campus, you must connect to the Union VPN first.

How to connect to Union VPN URL:


Open URL in web browser:

Your username is your full Union email address, with the

Your password is your Union password.

Self Care Portal login page


Once logged in, click on “Phone Settings” on the left menu on the page.
Phone Settings


Click Speed Dial Numbers.
Speed Dial Numbers


Click the Add New Speed Dial.
Add New Speed Dial


Fill in the fields.

Number: The number you would like the Speed Dial to call. Add a “3” at the beginning of the number for an outside line and “31” for a long distance number.

Label: Description.

Speed Dial: Speed Dial number.

Click Save
Add Speed Dial Information

Using Speed Dials from your Cisco Phone

Once Speed dials have been programmed for the phone, you may access them by leaving the handset on the hook, and press the appropriate speed dial key, then press the “more” softkey(bottom right button below your screen) and then the “Speed Dial” softkey to dial the number.

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