How to Forward All Calls from Your Phone


From your Cisco Phone, without lifting your handset, press the phone line button corresponding to the line you would like to forward.

Next, press the button under the “Forward All” on your phone display.

Select your phone line


To forward to voicemail, dial 6688.

To forward to an off-campus number, dial 3 and then the 10-digit number.

If long distance (outside the 518 area code), dial 3, then 1 followed by the area code and 10-digit number.

You will hear a beep and the box will disappear.  Your phone line has now been forwarded.

Enter forward number


You will notice a small handset icon, with an arrow angled off, showing your phone line is being forwarded.

To remove the forward, select the line and then press the button below the “Forward Off” on your display.

Any questions, call Telecom at extension 6411

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