Restoring lost contacts from the iCloud

Scenario: You changed your Union password recently, or moved to a new iPhone and are seeing phone numbers instead of contact names under your Contacts on your phone.

1.  Tap the Settings Icon.

2.  Under Settings, at the top of the screen, tap your name badge.

3.  Tap iCloud.

4.  Tap the Contacts slider to turn off. 

5.  Tap “Keep on My iPhone” when prompted.

6.  Tap the Contacts slider to turn back on.

7.   When prompted, tap “Merge”.

8.  If contacts are still missing, open your phone app and tap Contacts at the bottom.

9.  Tap “Lists.” in the upper left hand corner and then tap “All Contacts”. You should be all set. 


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Thu 2/9/23 2:24 PM
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