Restoring your iPhone from an iTunes backup on a PC

To Restore from an iTunes backup:

Using Windows:

  1. Connect your device to your computer via USB lightning cable (same cable used for charging your phone).  Open iTunes:

Click your Start button.

Windows Start Button

Scroll down the menu bar and click the iTunes folder.

iTunes Folder

Click the iTunes icon to open.

iTunes icon

  1. Device drivers will be installed when you connect your device to your computer (this may take up to a few minutes).  Once the drivers have installed you will see Welcome to Your New iPhone screen in iTunes. See below. (If this is your first time connecting your device, you may be asked to unlock your phone and press “Trust” on your phone screen to allow iTunes access)

    Choose Restore from this backup

  2. Click to select Restore from this backup: and select your latest back up.  Click Continue.

    Restoring iPhone from backup

  3. Your iPhone is now being restored from your latest backup.  After completion, your phone will restart.

  4. Your phone will display the Apple Icon, with a status bar below.  After completion, the screen will display “Hello”, press and swipe your finger up to finish setting up your phone.

  5. Press Continue.

  6. You can follow the set-up options for using the Touch ID/Face ID and adding a passcode.

  7. Fill in your AppleID and password and tap Next.

  8. Choose if you would like to send Diagnostics data to Apple or not. (Either is acceptable)

  9. Tap Get Started.

  10. Your iPhone restore is now complete.


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