Accessing Your Voice messages using the Jabber Softphone (PC/Mac)

Using the Cisco Jabber softphone on your PC or Mac you are able to listen to, delete, forward and send voice messages.  You must be set up to use the Cisco Jabber softphone, call Telecommunications at extension 6411 or 518-388-6411 or email to be set up.

Step 1. 

Once you are logged into Jabber, click the voicemail icon on the left side menu.

Click the Voicemail Icon

Step 2. 

Your Inbox is displayed.

To listen to a message, click on a message and then click the play button.

Click the Play Icon

Step 3. 

After listening to a message, you can Reply, Forward, or click the 3-dot icon to Call back, Mark as unread or Delete.

Note: Reply and Forward works only with other Union College voicemail users.

Message options, Reply, Forward, Call back, Mark as unread or Delete

Step 4.

If you Delete a message, you must empty it from the Deleted folder by clicking Inbox and then clicking Deleted.

Click the Deleted folder

Step 5. 

You can permanently delete each message one at a time by right clicking on each message, or hold down shift and left click the first message and then click the last message to select all and then right click on a message and click Delete permanently.
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