Unity Web Inbox - Enable or Disable Voicemail to Email

Through the Unity Connection Web Inbox, you can enable or disable voicemail to email. If you need to update the voicemail to email on a secondary or department mailbox, you must contact Telecommunications at extension 6411 or telecom@union.edu.

1.  You can access the Unity Web Inbox through your MyApps dashboard or open a web browser window and navigate to:


You will be redirected to the Otka login page. Enter your Union username (only the first part of your email, not including the @union.edu) and your Union password.

Okta Login Screen

*Note* You must be on the Union network to access, otherwise you must connect to the Union VPN first, which can be found on the ITS website.

Connect to VPN:

Connect to Union VPN

2.  After logging in, to access your voice mailbox settings where you can change notification devices (voicemail to email), click the Settings button.

A new window should open to your Personal Options.

Web Inbox Settings

3.  Mouseover Notification Devices on the top menu and click View Notification Devices.

View Notification Devices

4.  Under the Device column, click the HTML link.

If you would to disable voicemail to email, you can click to deselect Enabled and click Save.  You can then close out the browser window to exit. 

Deselect enabled for HTML to disable

5.  If not enabled, click the Notification Enabled checkbox and then enter your complete Union email address and click Save. You can leave the rest of the options as default.  You can then close the browser window to exit.

Enter your email address in the TO field

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