Accessing Your Voice messages through Unity Web Inbox

Employees with a Union College voice mailbox can access and manage your voicemail online from your computer or smartphone.

With the Unity Web Inbox you will be able to manage features in your voice mailbox such as:

  • Listen to and change your name, standard, alternate greeting and more
  • Listen to, delete, forward voice messages in your Inbox
  • Change your voice mailbox PIN
  • Set up additional notification devices (email, mobile, home)

To access the Unity Connection Web Inbox:

1.  You can access the Unity Web Inbox through your MyApps dashboard or open a web browser window and navigate to:

You will be redirected to the Otka login page. Enter your Union username (only the first part of your email, not including the and your Union password.

Otka Login Screen

*Note* You must be on the Union network to access, otherwise you must connect to the Union VPN first, which can be found on the ITS website.

Connect to VPN:

Connect to Union VPN

2.  After logging in your Inbox is displayed with any messages listed for you to listen to, forward, or delete.

Unity Web Inbox

3.  To listen to a message, click the play button on the right hand side and the message is played over your computer speakers.

Press the play button to listen to a message

4.  You can forward, mark unread or delete a message after listening to it.

Forward, mark unread, or delete a message

5.  After deleting a message from the Inbox, you should click on the Deleted link and then click Empty deleted items to clear out your mailbox.

Empty deleted items button

6.  To access your voice mailbox settings where you can change greetings, notification devices, add alternate names, click the Settings button.

A new window should open to your Personal Options.

Settings Button

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