Setting Up Your Unity Connection Voice Mailbox

Before You Start

To set up your Unity Connection mailbox, you will need the following information:

Unity internal (on-campus) number: 6688
Unity external (off-campus) number: 518-388-6688
Your mailbox ID number*: Your Phone Extension
Default PIN code: 1795
*In rare cases the mailbox ID may be different from your phone extension. Contact Telecom at extension 6411 if you are unsure.

Gaining Access to Your Mailbox

Follow these simple steps to start using your Unity Connection voice mailbox.

  1. Dial 6688 from your desk phone/Jabber or 518-388-6688 from any off-campus phone.

  2. You will then be prompted to enter your PIN code, 1795 (the default code for first- time access). If off-campus, you will be prompted to press #, followed by your mailbox ID (phone extension) and PIN code, 1795. **If you input the wrong PIN the first time, it will then prompt you for your ID #, which is your mailbox #/phone extension**

  3. Follow the prompts to record your name, standard greeting, and select a new PIN code.

To check your messages, dial 6688 (on-campus from your desk phone) or 518-388-6688 (off-campus). (Off-campus callers will hear the voicemail system prompt, press # and follow prompts.)

To check your messages from any phone on campus, dial 6688, press * if asked for a PIN, then enter your mailbox ID (phone extension) when prompted follow by #. Enter your PIN when prompted follow by #.

Questions call Telecom at extension 6411. Additional information on your voicemail can be found online at: Voicemail Support Resources

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