Zoom and Wolfvision Document Camera (Visualizer)


Hybrid and online learning: Now and for the future
All current WolfVision Visualizers/document cameras support the UVC standard, which gives you simple plug-and-play connectivity when using them together with Windows computers in the lecterns in the classrooms.

With Zoom web conferencing app, you can simply use your Visualizer/document camera as a source, adding in live on-screen content whenever you want.

Displaying a variety of 'live' on-screen content is one of the great benefits of in-classroom teaching – it’s also easy to do during your online sessions, thanks to the built-in functionality of your WolfVision Visualizer.

This guide shows how to use the document camera [doc cam] in an Electronic Classroom through Zoom web conferencing in the event a document camera does not present itself as a camera input in Zoom. Each Electronic Classroom is equipped with a document camera to help facilitate teaching and learning through either in-person or virtual instruction.

Please note: for either resolution below, the document camera requires a USB cable connection to the lectern computer.

Launch Zoom app [Windows ONLY]

  1. Power document camera on
  2. In Zoom, select Share Screen
  3. Select the Advanced tab and then select Content from 2nd Camera
  4. Click Share button
  5. The connected document camera should now show through the screen sharing option in Zoom
  6. You may toggle camera-input [between document camera and video camera] by clicking the Switch Camera button at the top left corner of the shared window

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