How to Register for Classes

To register for classes, you need to go to your Schedule screen.  

  1. Select Student Planning

  2. Click Go to Plan & Schedule

  3. You should be on your Schedule screen.  

To select the term you are registering for, click on the right arrow [>] at the top left of the screen where the term is displayed to move to the upcoming term.


When your ability to register is enabled, you can register two different ways:

  1. To register for all of your planned courses on your schedule, click the [Register Now] button in the upper right hand corner of the screen (see below).
    Picture of Schedule in Student Planning with Register Now button circled in red
  2. To register for individual classes, click on the [Register] button associated with the course on the left (see below)
    Schedule of Student Planning screen with Register button circled in red

Once you are registered, all of your classes will appear in green on your schedule (see below)
Picture of Schedule on Student Planning with courses shown in green to indicate you are registered



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